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Why should you choose us

1. High productivity - Up to 1500kg/h

The output range of our machine's products varies: 







2. Longer screw length - Up to 2100mm

The screw diameter: 75mm Screw length: 2100mm

3. Good waterproof - Water tight mild steel enclosure

The extrusion barrel is constructed of carbon steel, is made by #45 steel, stainless steel coating, water cooling on barrel.

4. High digitization - Comprehensive digital visual control panel

Digital indicator of extruder motor load; Digital indicator of feed screw speed; Digital indicator/controller for each temperature zone in barrel; ...

5. More wear-resistant - More wear resistant bimetal barrel

Total 7 Extruder barrel (Bimetallic barrel) with replaceable wear resistant liners.

6. Self-cleaning function - The screws is self-cleaning

a. A corotating twin screw extruder with a self-wiping screw profile; 

 b. Comparison between the results obtained from finite volume and finite element approaches, the latter being shown as points, for a corotating, self-wiping, twin screw extruder

7. Easy to disassemble - Shaft couplings permit easy removal of extruder shafts

Shaft couplings permit easy removal of extruder shafts for maintenance or lengthening or shortening of extruder barrel.

8. High quality - Screw material: 38CrMoAL (nitrided); Hardness: HRC55-60

We only use first-class steel and check every production procedure to ensure every demension is produced precisely.

9. Super torque -  Ultra Torque Gearbox

Torque grade: T/A3≤16, adopt world-renowned brand, homemade high-grade main parts, moderate use of imported components;
Compact structure, light weight, large torque and excellent performance;
Rigid welded box structure, heavy duty and high load capacity;
Equipped with temperature and oil level display system for easy observation;
Automatic cooling and filtration system to effectively increase the service life of the gearbox; Stable in running, low in noise, large in load, efficient in transmission, low in temperature and long in service life

10. High rust resistance - Stainless steel product contact surfaces SUS 304

1. Environmental protection and hygiene;
2. Wear resistance;
3. High temperature and low temperature resistance; 4. Excellent thermal expansion performance and thermal insulation performance;
5. Corrosion resistance.

 11. High efficiency - High water cooling efficiency

Extra cooling system in lubrication oil tank ensure cooling oil at low temperature, the water cooling efficiency is low.

12. Longer life - Screw life time: >7000hours

More durable;
higher cost performance;
greater capacity.

13. Quality assurance - Ten years for machine case

You only need to replace the core components to flexibly transform the production line, without worrying about the quality of the machine body.

14. Automatic control - Automatic temperature control

Improve work efficiency;
Increase production capacity per unit time;
No need to take up too many human resources;
Save labor costs;
Save the cost of raw materials;
Improve business efficiency

Our Business

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